Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You Don't Know Jack

After watching the film "You Don't Know Jack" please write a blog  post that covers the following topics and inbox me your response at my email address. 

  1. Who was Jack Kevorkian and what were his believes. (Make sure to describe the term euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.)  
  2. A large flaw in Kevorkian's theory was what does terminal illness look like and at what point is it okay to take someones life? Explain this concept in your blog. 
  3. Explain the controversy of euthanasia and compare the Biblical worldview to the Humanistic worldview concerning euthanasia.  
  4. Also, Explain how Kevorkian got around the legal system for so long and was not charged with murder. Eventually, Jack was found guilty, explain why/how.
  5. Give me your opinion on the topic of euthanasia, do you believe it is right or wrong and why. 
Due Saturday 3/23/13

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